Need a Ride to LAX?


Take Culver CityBus Line 6 and Rapid 6 seven days a week for only $1.

The Fastest Way to LAX

Line 6 and Rapid 6 offer the easiest and most inexpensive way to LAX. Line 6 and Rapid 6 will drop you off at the LAX City Bus Center. Upon arrival, look for the signs for the “LAX Shuttle.” You can catch the Lot South/CityBus Center Shuttle directly to your terminal. The shuttle runs approximately 15-20 minutes seven days a week.

From LAX Baggage Claim Terminals

Travelers should board the Lot South/City Bus Center Shuttle near the pink signs labeled “LAX Shuttles,” located on the lower arrivals level islands in front of each terminal. You will disembark at the LAX City Bus Center and catch Line 6 or Rapid 6 from Bay 4.

More information about the shuttles can be found on the LAX website: LAX Official Site | Traffic and Ground Transportation (

Planning Ahead

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