Rider Information

Welcome Aboard!

Culver CityBus is the second oldest municipally owned transit property in Southern California with over 90 years of tradition and experience. We take pride in serving the Westside communities of Blair Hills, Century City, Culver City, Mar Vista, Marina del Rey, Palms, Playa Vista, Venice Beach, West Los Angeles, Westchester, and Westwood with safe, convenient and reliable public transportation.

Ever wondered if you can bring your bike, stroller or surfboard on the bus? Here are the answers to everything you need to know to make your ride a safe and enjoyable one. P.S. If you can’t find the information you’re looking for here, contact us.

Planning Your Trip

The first step is to locate the starting point and destination of your trip using the Culver CityBus System Map. Determine which route you will use and remember that some trips may require more than one bus, which means that you will transfer from one bus to another. There are several resources to help you plan your trip with ease. Below is a list of useful online trip planners.


Culver CityBus has bus schedules for each bus route that contain the time points, route, and some major destinations. Schedules can also be obtained on the bus, at Culver City City Hall, the Culver CityBus Office, or by calling (310) 253-6500.

Riding Culver CityBus

  • For your safety, you may board and exit the bus only at designated bus stops. Designated stops have Culver CityBus signs that mark the passenger safety zones where you get on and off the bus.
  • Make sure to arrive at the stop at least 5 minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive. When the bus is approaching, please sit or stand near the bus stop sign. This lets the bus operator know you are waiting for the bus.
  • Signs on the front of the bus display the route number, the major streets the bus will be traveling on and the final destination.

Bike Racks

All Culver CityBuses are equipped with bike racks. Bike racks are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. If the bike rack is full, please wait for the next bus. Only foldable bikes are allowed inside buses.

Please alert the bus operator when loading or removing your bike from the bike rack and remain within the bus operator’s view. Bicyclists are responsible for securing their bikes onto the bike rack.

Culver CityBus is not liable or responsible for loss or damage to bicycles or personal injury that may occur as a result of using the racks.

Bikes not retrieved by owners will be placed in the Culver CityBus lost and found for 30 days.


Paying Fare

  • When getting onto a Culver CityBus, please have the exact fare ready.
  • Culver CityBus fareboxes accept dollar bills and coins; however, they DO NOT make change, and bus operators DO NOT carry change.
  • Fare information is posted on the farebox and on Culver CityBus schedules.
  • High school students may be required to show their student ID as proof of age.
  • Senior citizens 62 and over, disabled, or Medicare recipients must show their ID in order to pay a reduced fare.


  • You will need a transfer if it will take more than one bus to reach your destination. If you need a transfer, please inform the bus operator upon boarding the bus.
  • You will need to purchase a Local transfer when transferring from one Culver CityBus to another Culver CityBus and an Inter-Agency transfer (IAT) when connecting to any other bus or rail system.
  • Transfers are valid for two (2) hours. They must be properly punched and are only accepted at transfer points (locations where two or more buses connect).

Rider Tips

  • Courtesy seats at the front of the bus are reserved for elderly and disabled passengers.
  • Service is provided to passengers using respirators, concentrators, and portable oxygen tanks.
  • Please move as far back in the bus as possible on standing room only buses.
  • Hold onto the handrails and please avoid standing in front of the yellow line.
  • Bus operators at Culver CityBus are the best and friendliest anywhere. If you have a brief question, please ask the bus operator only as you’re getting on the bus or when the bus has come to a complete stop.

Bus Rules and Safety Tips

  • NO eating, drinking or smoking on the bus.
  • NO surfboards, fins, or fishing equipment unless broken down into pieces of less than 36”.
  • Listen to all radios, games, cell phones or other electronic devices through earphones. Please keep sound at a low volume.
  • Only service animals are allowed on the bus. All other pets must be secured in a pet carrier to board.
  • NO engaging in loud, offensive, or unruly conduct. Please refrain from using inappropriate language while on Culver CityBus.
  • All conversations with the bus operator should be kept to a minimum.
  • Packages or articles (i.e. strollers, carts or other oversized items) cannot block the aisle, entrance or exit doors.
  • Please remove children from strollers when boarding, riding and exiting the bus.
  • Suspicious Packages/Persons - to ensure the safety of all persons onboard Culver CityBus, please report all suspicious packages/persons to the bus operator immediately.
  • Passengers are prohibited from carrying flammable, caustic solutions, or poisonous substances onboard the bus. Examples of prohibited items include, but are not limited to: weapons, gasoline cans, propane or helium tanks/bottles, car batteries, cleaning acids, fireworks and equipment containing hazardous fuels (i.e. chain saws, lawn mowers/edgers/hedge trimmers).